It’s Classic Adams

An Introduction

I travel. A lot. It’s not everything I do a lot either. You can certainly add read to the list. Listen to music too and I watch rugby union. I should add love my children before I forget. Drinking coffee will be very close to the top of the list and love my girlfriend as she will most certainly be editing these blogs so it’d be remiss of me to miss Lyn off the list. Lists! I love them and make them, a lot. 

The one thing I would love to add to the list is write, I do but not a lot, certainly it is never enough but that’s what this blog is going to help me improve. 

Classic Adams is my new blog. It’ll be published routinely and enjoyed sparingly. The subjects will vary but never sway too from the subjects mentioned in the opening paragraph. 

I have a knack for finding the funny in a story and perhaps that isn’t a surprise given my job but these stories don’t often work in a live stand up show and the hope is they garner some giggles in print.

The expectations for this blog are low, perhaps ‘realistic’ is a better word but I promise to write and you do not have to promise to read them but when (ooohhh some confidence finally – Ed.) you do finish perusing them I would bet a Macchiato on you shaking your heading and announcing ‘that’s Classic Adams!’





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